Friday, January 14, 2011

Stuck in a Long, Dark Tunnel

These 2 weeks has been really hectic! Fuhh.. 
I'm supposed to continue with my final year project but I'm STUCK with my idea.
Introducing new thing is not an easy task u know..

Need to talk to someone but WHO?? My sis is working. She's my FREE consultant. Hehehe..  =)
I Skype Mr.Goh asking for his advice.
I asked what would he do if he has no idea doing his thesis.
He said he did research on soho. Not sure what is that term..
Already google it but not so sure..
Mr.Goh did mention something that I'm still trying to figure out the meaning.

He said:
blue ocean, long tail is some of the new buzz

What does that mean? I google it. I found Blue Ocean. It is sort of a terminology in business field.
What does it means? Here what the article says:

Blue Ocean Strategy is about building a business around a market demand that other people have 
not identified and if a company is able to do that well, it will not have serious competition."

Very hidden advice I assumed... Why am I so down?.. I couldn't just give up.. 
The consequences is too bad. Time & money consumption. Huhuhu..
Gotta to do something. I'll keep u updated when I feel much alive.