Sunday, January 9, 2011

8th Week

20th Dec 2010
: : Special task : Mr.Goh required Wani & me to distribute all UBS flyers to Sungei Wang & Imbi Plaza 
                        mail boxes. (Kind of fun being one day-postwomen!)

: : Help Miss Tonya Lee to activate the Accounting & Payroll licenses via telephone.  =)

: : Register & activate UBS Accounting 9.5 (Single User) for Partners Advantage Media Sdn. Bhd.
: : There's an enquiry regarding Fingertec from a customer. I just direct it to Mr. Goh because he's in charged
    of Fingerprint & Time Attendence System.

: : Cases handled:
   (i)   Help Limo Cab to solve housekeeping in progress & hanging ugrade files their accounting system.
   (ii)  Reversing bank reconciliation.

: : This Wednesday, Internship supervisor will be visiting Wani & me for evaluation purposes, so, both of us
    busy preparing a simple slide show to be presented to her that consists of our job specification and 
    introduction of products & services offered by PC Mart Sdn. Bhd. & Agile Solution.

21th Dec 2010
: : Sabri Ahmad & Co. want to sign up for support. They require the invoice to be fax. And I already set an
   appoinment for them this Thursday (23rd Dec 2010) for on-site support.
: : I have edited the picture of PC Mart staff & send it to Mr. Goh & Shah just for memories.  ^_^
   Love the picture..  =))
: : Faxing a quotation for Miss Poon but I'm not sure why her fax machine is very busy..  @_@
   Tried so many times, still busy. I forgot to take her e-mail address as back-up. Huhuhu...
: : Zhong taught me how to detect license for 9.4 version.  =D

22th Dec 2010
: : Got a call from Golden Kite Destination Sdn. Bhd. asking me to guide her using Accounting software
    but I not so good in Accounting.. huhu.. so I just pass it to Zhong. 
: : Today, our supervisor, Mr.Goh, Wani & me had a little discussion regarding our job specs for the last 
    7 weeks here. Then, we presented the slide show in Agile Solution because they have a special room 
    there for training purposes. 
: : So, nervous... Can't help it! Aiyooo... But, our supervisor is very cool, like3x..  ; D

23rd Dec 2010
: : Got a few tough cases.. fuhh! :
   (i)  Inventory 9.3: Cannot print & preview the report  (Kinetik Chemicals Sdn. Bhd.)
   (ii)  Data corrupted  (Pantai Baru Holdings)
   (iii) Inventory 9.4: Excel application not found.  (Tass Sportex)
   (iv) Accounting 9.5: Table log_menu.dbf.   (Simson Trading)  
: : Faxing quotation & brochures for Miss Yen.
: : Returning Persatuan Franchaise Malaysia call regarding their Sage Cover renewal but no response. @_@

24th Dec 2010
: : Registering Fingertec in the Traffic Mania: VideoBot  (Very interesting software!)
: :  Picking up calls, solving 2 3 cases and attending a few enquiries regarding UBS softwares.

25th Dec 2010
: : Its CHRISTMAS DAY = PUBLIC HOLIDAY !!!!  Yiippeee !!!  =D

p/s: Supposed this week is the last week for Wani & me, its already 8 weeks you see.. 
      But, we decided to extend until the end of December 2010.. Feel attached to the family.. =)
      Just helping Mr.Goh with his marketing strategies & helping Zhong in the office.