Friday, January 7, 2011

6th Week

6th Dec 2010
: : Today also I "ON-LEAVE" due to my sister's graduation day at UiTM Shah Alam. 
: : LEAVE is taken only for IMPORTANT matters of course! Had to be there for her graduation day, its her
    BIG DAY you see. Could hardly wait for mine..  ^_^

7th - 8th Dec 2010 
: : There 4 more Fingertec products that have not been post into MyOLX. 
    Mr. Goh asked me to Skype to him so he could get it done & I could proceed with something else.
: : So, I just continued advertising Fingertec products in  which I managed
    to get it done in these two days.  =))

9th Dec 2010
: : Reissue license for Payroll 9.4 (could hardly remember the company's name! @_@)
: : Got a call from customer saying that BSM trial version is not listed in our website.
    Solution: Address this issue to Mr. Goh so that he could take further actiono regarding this matter. =)
: : Miss Emily from Subang Sky Park, request for Mr. Liew to come over to their place for Building & 
    Service Maintenance (BSM) installation & training. So, I set the appoinment for her in the schedule.
: : I also get to know that Sungei Wang Food Court is in the Orange Zone. Its been ages since the last
    time I went there. My mission is to go & have my lunch there at least once before I finished Internship.

10th Dec 2010
: : Today, I help Jakel (the well-known textile retailer) to activate their UBS Payroll 9.4 (Single User)
: : Not forgetting HEAVY rains of customers' calls! OMG    ~_~
    Thank God there is Chong & Shah to help me.. =)

11th Dec 2010
: : Mr. Goh assigned me to upload UBS softwares (Accounting, Payroll, etc.) into MyOLX.
: : He sent me a spreadsheet file contained customers' SNO number. I'm supposed to key in these numbers
    in the customers' accounts in VTIGER. Somehow, there's a technical error that disable me the perform the
    task. So, Mr. Goh ask me to complete MyOLX first.