Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5th Week (Hectic Week!)

29th Nov 2010
: : I continue advertising Fingertec products under
: : Set appoinment for SK Interlink. They wanted to setup the Time Attendance System that 
    they bought from us.
: : Zhong taught me how to set closing date of an accounting period so that one could start accounting
    period according to his/her company.
: : Send UBS Softwares quotation to Miss Azlin from Sungei Wang office.
    I faced hard times searching for the office! Fuuhh! But somehow, I found it.  =)
: : Zhong (Lao Tse) & Shah taught me something new today. They taught me how to back up data
    in UBS 9.4 & 9.5.    TQ Lao Tse & Shah !!   ^_^  

30th Nov 2010
: : I check with HQ (a.k.a Sage Corporation) regarding SNO num. & activation code for HLM Wood 
   Sdn Bhd. It is neccessary so that they could activate their UBS Accounting softwares.
: : Sending quotations of UBS Accounting to several companies.
: : Solve Panda Travel problems whereby they wanted to change PC in order to access the UBS Accounting 
: : Solve "Corrupted File" problems faced by staff in Pantai Baru Holdings. I would have 2 thanx Zhong for
   that as he's the one who guide me.

1st Dec 2010
: : Help F1 Communication Sdn Bhd to reissue their Inventory & Accounting software license.
: : Consult with YDK Usahasama via e-mail regarding their expectations towards UBS Payroll 9.5.
: : Promoting Barcode Scanner in
: : Received PAY CHECK a.ka. ALLOWANCE from Mr Goh !!! Yiippee !  ^_^

2nd Dec 2010
: : Fax quotation to Senawang Land Sdn Bhd early in the morning.
: : Help a company: Abd Aziz, Chen & Co. to close their accounting period on June so that they could
   start a new one on July. Very friendly staff they have.  =))
: : Help a customer (can't remember from which company..) to insert new transaction into her accounting
   transaction. New stuff learned.  =)
: : Promote Fingertec in 
: : Answering customer's enquiry regarding a fingerprint model: Digital Personal UR U4000 USB.   
   Happen to be this particular model has 2 version: DP UR U4000 USB & DP UR U4000B USB.
   The one with B behind 4000 has higher DPI. Meaning to say higher sensitivity.

3rd Dec 2010
: : I ON-LEAVE today due to preparation for my sister's graduation day.

4th Dec 2010 
: : Since today we work half day, I got all the time I need to update Fingertec products in MyOLX.

p/s: Its been a really busy week for me with my sister's graduation around the corner. Fuhh !  @_@

Sunday, November 28, 2010

4th Week ALREADY ????

22th Nov 2010
(i)   Finish up Building & Services Maintainance (BSM) and Time Attendence System (TAS) FAQ.
(ii)  Upcoming tasks: Updating SNO number into customer's account.
(iii)  Learn several more things about Sage Cover through their brochure.
(iv)  Got a case from Pure Pharmacy. Their system down, need someone to come over. What I do to help is
       that I checked whether they have sign up support with PC Mart. 
(v)   Picking up phones as usual.

23rd Nov 2010
(i)   Bank in cheques.
(ii)  Picking up phone calls.
(iii) Confirmation with Pure Pharmacy regarding the Support payments.
(iv) Got a case of deleting unwanted transactions.

24th Nov 2010
(i)  Got plenty of calls which means plenty of CASES !! OMG  @_@
(ii)  Learning few things about IP address. But, I don't really know so much about DNS Server.
(iii) Updating SNO for customers' accounts.

25th Nov 2010 
(i)  Update with Teressa from SAGE Support Team regarding one of our customers phone numbers.
(ii)  Got a phone call from Mr. Sumitesh Shetty all the way from India. Wanna talk to Mr. Goh, business
      reason for sure.
(iii) Reissue license for Safha Sdn Bhd. and Whitex Garments Sdn Bhd.

26th Nov 2010
(i)  Got phone calls regarding UBS International License and BSM Information. 
(ii)  Got phone calls regarding Clients' Accounts software. It is used to manage Lawyer Firms' Clients.
(iiii) Also got a call from Eagle Cabin regarding corrupted file. Due to not signing up for our support, they're
       charged RM150. But, they decide to revise the invoice first.
(iv)  Help Shah to activate UBS Accounting 9.5 license for a company (*could hardly remember the
       company's name  ~_~)
(v)  Reissue license for Creative Holiday Sdn Bhd. Happen to be the representative of the company has 
      similar name like me, only different spelling.   =)

27th Nov 2010
(i)  Hanging out meanwhile waiting for 'auntie' cleaning our office.
(ii) Mr. Goh giving new task; need to promote Fingertec in a site called
     It seems like PC MART is aggresively promoting Fingertec products. Mr. Goh  is very competititve which 
     is his great value.  ^_^
(iii)Today, I would say I'm happy & touched because Mr. Goh offer me to work there right after I finish 
     studying May 2011.... He also shared stories about his education background. Hmm..  Working with 
     Master holder-employer like Mr. Goh is very different. 

P/S: Its already a month in PC Mart.. I already started to love this family. Real time business, principles,
        love, laughter, families and friendships tied me to the company.. TQ Allah swt for bringing me into
        such a wonderful family... 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

3rd week

15th Nov 2010
1) Got so many case today! Cases from customers of course. I managed to settle 1 case today. Yiippee!!
    The customer couldn't log into the UBS Accounting System so, I asked Mr. Goh to generate one day-
    password for her and the problem solve.   =)

2) Zhong taught me how to add period listing in UBS Accounting System.

3) Also learned how to changing existing password to new one in UBS Accounting System.

16th Nov 2010
1) Explore a little bit in UBS Accounting Software.

2) Got a "Reissuance License" case from Zhong.

3) Picking up calls.  =)

4) Customizing Delivery Order (DO) according to customers' requirements. Thanks to Shah for being helpful.  

5) I'm kinda sad because I will be working on Hari Raya Aidiladha... =(
    Zhong ask to take leave just like Shah but I refused to..

17th Nov 2010
1) Today is Hari Raya Haji. Suppose it is a public holiday but PC Mart operate as usual. Shah, the only  
    Malay guy in the office, take leave of course! So did Liew. But, I didn't. Its kinda sad celebrating Aidiladha
    in the office but its okay... Today, is all about sacrifices for good purposes..

2) Today, there are just 3 or 4 calls from customer. Meaning to say that, we are kinda free. I took the time to 
     finish the FAQ questions for Payroll System. Thank God, I managed to get it done in 1 day.

18th Nov 2010
1) Zhong brief me about UBS Plus. This is the latest products from Sage. 

2) Picking up calls.  =)

3) Going to bank as always to bank in cash & cheques.

19th Nov 2010
1) Proceed with POS System FAQ.

2) In the afternoon, went to the bank to bank in cheques.

3) Faxing quotation to a company, they wanted to know the price of the accounting software.
    First time using the fax machine!  @_@

4) Activating license for a company.

5) Shah also taught me how to upgrade from previous version to the latest one (e.g. version 9.4 to 9.5).

20th Nov 2010
1) Yiippee! Saturday again! Half day ONLY.  He3.  

2) I'm late 10 minutes when I arrived in the office! Thank God Mr. Goh haven't arrived yet. The ''cleaning''
    auntie has started her chores when I arrived, so, all of us, hang out outside the office for a while.

3) Had a short conversation with Liew regarding the Scanner & Barcode Printer.

4) Mr. Goh held a MEETING with all 6 of us. Some of the main highlights:
    (i)   Increasing quality support team
    (ii)  10 compartments of Services (a.k.a guidelines for quality services)
    (iii)  Synchronizing schedule for staff who always on-site.
    (iv)  Briefing about Sage latest products; UBS Start Plus & UBS One Plus 
    (v)   Bookeeping training classes (still in planning)    
    (vi)  Giving out certificate after training (optional, upon request & will be charged RM10)

5) Managed to convert the BSM FAQ pdf file into word! Yiippee!! Can continue my work as usual.  =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Week in the PC Mart Family

8th Nov 2010
(i)   Mr. Goh assigned me to update the latest FAQ webpage.
(ii)  As always, I had to pick up calls from their customers.
(iii) Zhong (my officemate a.k.a my teacher  =P) taught be the difference between UBS full version and
      light version.

9th Nov 2010
(i)   Zhong told me that the selling price of the UBS Software cannot be discounted. However, the installation
      could be discounted a bit.
(ii)  Attending customers calls is everyday chores.
(iii) Bank in cash and cheques to the nearest banks.
(iv) Updating UBS Accounting FAQ
(v)  Irene (Mr. Goh's wife) told me how to make a call using the phone. Its pretty confusing you know
      since there are plenty of buttons on the phone.  @_@

10th Nov 2001
(i)   Learn how to delete unwanted transactions in UBS Accounting System.
(ii)  Learn how to edit bill or invoice that has been exported from stock to account.
(iii) Continue upgrading FAQ webpage as usual.

11th Nov 2010
(i)   Zhong taught me something important today. He mentioned something about "Go-Global".
      This is a 3rd party software that enable files and documents to be shared across the region or
      worldwide. But, it could only  send the IMAGE not the transaction.
(ii)  He also remind me that if ever customer wanted to reissue license for example, they could simply
      go and download the form.
(iii) Today is also the day which I learn the evolution of the UBS Software from 9.0 version to the latest one
      that is 9.5 version. Surprisingly, the old version used a device called "Smart Lock" for installation purpose.

12th Nov 2010
(i)    Attending customers calls.  ^_^
(ii)   Zhong listed a few websites for our company and for support purpose.
(iii)  Introduced to PC Mart Webmail.
(iv)  Practising reissuance license.
(v)   Learn how to overcome "Error Prompt" and "Access Denied" problems.
(vi)  Learn how to redirect folder.
(vii) Integrating UBS Accounting with UBS Inventory.
(viii)Learn a little bit more about Smart Lock.

13th Nov 2010
(i)   Today is Saturday, which means I'm working half day from 9am-1pm.
(ii)  Every Saturday, early in the morning, an old lady will do some spring cleaning in the office. So, we hang
      out for a while outside the office.
(iii) Everyone looks casual today. I'm the only one look SO formal because I do not know that on Saturday,
      casual wear is allowed. Huhuhuhu...
(iv) But, I had a friendly conversation with my boss's wife, Irene. She going off to "jalan-jalan" after office
      hours today. Now, I know that she has 3 kids. 2 daughters and a son. This is the very 1st time I saw
      his 10-year-old son. Her eldest daughter just got UPSR result just like my little brother.  ^_^
(v)  Goh Yi Xin (Irene's youngest daughter) got a friend, Eugenia, coming over to play and accompany her in
      the office. She has a very nice hair and seems like a good kid.  =)
(vi) Zhong wanted to fix IP address into my laptop but there's a problem and we'll be continuing doing that
      on Monday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Week In PC Mart

Due to tiredness and lack of time, I only had weekend to update my blog. So, pardonnez-moi, s'il vous plait? (Forgive me, please?). This is the summarisation of every single day that I have went through for the last one week:

1st Nov 2010
Its my very first day under industrial training. I'm so nervous.. Don't know what to expect. Early in the morning, Mr.Goh (my employer) brief me about the PC Mart history, products and services they offered and the awards received for their outstanding performance as one of the main dealer of the UBS Software. I also get to know that previously PC Mart and Agile Solutions work under the same office. But later on, as their business started to expand, they separated their offices. PC Mart located and run their business in Sungei Wang while Agile Soulutions run their business in Imbi Plaza which is located next to Sg. Wang. Agile Solutions expertise is in POS (Point of Sales) software while PC Mart handle UBS Accounting, Payroll, Time Attendence, etc..

During my first day, early in the morning, Mr. Goh asked Shah (my officemate) to bring me along and show me how and where to bank in the cheques paid by the customers. It is pretty far away to get to Public Bank and there 4 coloured zones in Sg. Wang which mean 4 different entrance! Thank God Standard Chartered is just across the bridge and Maybank is just walking distance. These are the 3 important banks that I need to know and aware of because I will be going there quite often in these 2 months.

In the afternoon, my employer require me to install UBS Accounting Software into my laptop but my lappy drives me crazy! There's something wrong with it, maybe some sort of virus have been breeding in my hard disc. Unfortunately, my anti-virus was unable to detect and delete the viruses completely. Huhuhu... Thank God, I had a very understanding and negotiable employer.  =)  Due to my lappy problems, Mr.Goh has assigned me to register under Skype and opening a hotmail account. It is assigned to all his employees that work under the support team for UBS Software. The Skype and hotmail account will enable the clients to contact us if there is any problems. So, basically, that is what I did for the first day. Not so much of work but it should be okay later on, once I get a grib of everything I should know.  ^_^

2nd Nov 2010
On the 2nd day, I borrowed my sister's lappy so that I could get to work meanwhile I find someone to fix mine. Today is all about installing UBS Accounting Software and practicing using UBS Accounting Software. I had Mr. Liew to taught me using the software. Very patient and understanding officemate.. ^_^  But, I need to explore a bit by myself too. Later in the evening, Mr. Wong, another officemate of mine taught me on how to renew a licence for UBS 9.3 and 9.4 version. He also taught me about reissuance the license into another PC if the customer wanted to operate the UBS Software from another PC. Its a lot of things to remember but Mr. Wong said if I already done it once or twice, I will understand and memorize the flow. Nothing to worried.. TQ Mr. Wong.  =)

3rd Nov 2010
Third day in the family, I consider myself as the "xiao meimei" which means little sister since I am the only girl in PC Mart and I assumed I am the youngest.  =)  Mr. Goh had 2 daughters; a 3-year-old and a 13-year-old.  
I am not sure his eldest daughter's name. I getting familiar with her 3-year-old daughter because Mr.Goh brought her to office every single working day. Her name is Goh Yi Xin. She is so cute and friendly.  ^_^
She called  me "kakak". The rest of the chinese guys (my officemates), she called "ko ko" which means brother and she called Shah, "abang". How sweet... 

Morning, as usual, I need to bank in some cheques into Public bank. Later in the evening, Shah taught me how to delete corrupted files (e.g. glpost.dbf). Files that has .dbf extension, is considered corrupted. He also taught me to overcome problems that related to start up of any software. Furthermore, I also being taught about accessing UBS Software via other PC and deleting transaction in the UBS Accounting software. Plenty of things need to be jot down and memorized. Shah is a bit cold sometimes, but I think he is okay. Maybe he just don't have much time to know me well. Neither do I because he always not in the office due to on-site training.

4th Nov 2010
Morning, bank in some cheques. Later in the afternoon, I had a visit from Mr.William from Agile Solutions. He was here in my office to teach me how to key in customers purchased and create new account for them if they're new customers. Before I could do that, I need to log in first. Mr. Goh created a username and a password for me. Mr.William or Mr. Teoh William (I asked him his name), is very fluent in Malay language. I am impressed! He is fond of kids too. It is reflected on the way he treat and talk to Yi Xin. =)  I am so lucky to have such loving, sweet and caring officemates and employer. Grateful for being in this company... Tomorrow will be public holiday (Deepavali Day). So, my company will be back on business on Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

6th Nov 2010
Today is Saturday and I did not go to work because I am still in Taiping celebrating Deepavali.  =P
Actually, I have informed my boss that I wanted to take 1 day off on Saturday because I could not make it to KL on time on Friday. I replace my holiday on Hari Raya Aidiladha. Meaning to say that, on Hari Raya Haji, I will be working as usual. Huhuhuhu... Its okay.. Like people always said, there's always a silver lining in dark clouds (am I writing it correctly? =P)... So, this is the end of my report this week. Until next week, adios~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Internship Program

Quite nervous thinking about Internship program in Nov & Dec 2010.

Hoping for best. Alhamdulillah, got positive responses from 2 companies.