Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mode Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Dah 11 hari kita berpuasa. Bermacam-macam pengalaman ku tempuhi.  =)   Insyaallah,, semoga setiap hari yang bakal ditempuhi membawa perubahan positif dalam diri kita semua. Aminn..

Owh, sekarang ni aku tengah sibuk tulis kad raya. Mak suruh hantar awal-awal senang. Setem per kad 50 sen. Dah naik sikit. Katanya nak increase salary abang-abang posmen kita. Wuallahualam. Alhamdulillah, rezeki diorang agaknyer.  ^_^

Next month agenda, job hunting!! Paling penting. So, this month is all about preparation. Cam mana sambutan Ramadhan  korang semua? Hopefully, penuh dgn aktiviti yg mendatangkan keberkatan.  =)  Hey, I gtg for now. 

Until next time, CHOW!  Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Saturday, April 23, 2011



Recently busy sgt dengan FYP a.k.a final year project. Banyak lagik xcyap nih. Isk3. Exam lagi sminggu jer lagi. HELP !! Ok2, back to work   =)    See u another 3 weeks!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bertatih di Dunia Blogging

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ni 1st time aku terjebak dlm blogging2 nih. Hehehe. 

For a start, let me share sumthin' that I've done for d past few days.

Been to the Mines wif my friends  =)   1st time karok, hahaha.. so funny.  ^_^
Kagum meta dgn dancing water !!

Cruising tru the lake was unforgettable experience. Tapi x nmpk la dark swan tuh. Hehehe. 
White swan I nampak.  ; D


I have a lot of funs! Seriously!  =))   Seronok2 tuh, terserempak plok dgn rimo! Bapok besor! OMG

Our memories will last 4eva guys~  ^_^

Friday, January 14, 2011

Stuck in a Long, Dark Tunnel

These 2 weeks has been really hectic! Fuhh.. 
I'm supposed to continue with my final year project but I'm STUCK with my idea.
Introducing new thing is not an easy task u know..

Need to talk to someone but WHO?? My sis is working. She's my FREE consultant. Hehehe..  =)
I Skype Mr.Goh asking for his advice.
I asked what would he do if he has no idea doing his thesis.
He said he did research on soho. Not sure what is that term..
Already google it but not so sure..
Mr.Goh did mention something that I'm still trying to figure out the meaning.

He said:
blue ocean, long tail is some of the new buzz

What does that mean? I google it. I found Blue Ocean. It is sort of a terminology in business field.
What does it means? Here what the article says:

Blue Ocean Strategy is about building a business around a market demand that other people have 
not identified and if a company is able to do that well, it will not have serious competition."

Very hidden advice I assumed... Why am I so down?.. I couldn't just give up.. 
The consequences is too bad. Time & money consumption. Huhuhu..
Gotta to do something. I'll keep u updated when I feel much alive.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final Week In PC Mart Sdn. Bhd.

27th Dec 2010
: :  I'm on MEDICAL LEAVE due to health problems.. Huhuhu..  @_@
: : Its been ages since I had a fever.. Already inform Mr.Goh & Zhong about my absenteeism.

28th Dec 2010
: : Still not recover totally.. coughing endlessly.. shivering sometimes.. Thank Allah swt, it did not affect my 
   work so much. Huhu..  @_@
: : Register an account for Mara Incorporated and Sri Mawaddah in VTIGER and activate their 
    license online in license central.

29th Dec 2010
: : Confirm with Ace Sec Management regarding UBS dealer in Butterworth.
: : Spent plenty of my time today helping Miss Zarina from Ace Green Cemt regarding the UBS Accounting
: : Continue registering Fingertec in the VideoBot.
: : Uninstall UBS 9.4 & reinstall the latest version (9.5) for Ahawamas using Team Viewer. 
    Due to some problem, I will be continuing the activation process tomorrow.

30th Dec 2010
: : Set an appoinment for Inventory Demo for Staedler.
: : Got a case from Miss Banu from JMV The Meritz. She is very 'friendly'. hahaha...
    Thank God Zhong help me to guide her with her problems.
: : Got a tough case:  Bill cannot be exported from Inventory into Accounting. 
    Zhong take over the case because I have to finished the task given by Mr.Goh.

31st Dec 2010
: : Activate Payroll license for Y & Y Property Development Sdn. Bhd.
: : Today, Mr.Goh held a meeting but I'm not involved. Only permanent staff were involved.
: : Its my last day.. Kinda sad.. Today they all in the office. After office hours, Zhong & Shah invite me for
    dinner at the mamak shop nearby office.  =)

p/s: Its been so much fun, knowledgeable experience working in PC Mart. 
      Being in the working sector is very different. Only 10% of what I've learned in class were used.
      I've learned so many things, things that are not from the text book. There's a huge room for improvement!
      This final semester will be a turning point in my life for sure. Things will never be the same again!  =D 

8th Week

20th Dec 2010
: : Special task : Mr.Goh required Wani & me to distribute all UBS flyers to Sungei Wang & Imbi Plaza 
                        mail boxes. (Kind of fun being one day-postwomen!)

: : Help Miss Tonya Lee to activate the Accounting & Payroll licenses via telephone.  =)

: : Register & activate UBS Accounting 9.5 (Single User) for Partners Advantage Media Sdn. Bhd.
: : There's an enquiry regarding Fingertec from a customer. I just direct it to Mr. Goh because he's in charged
    of Fingerprint & Time Attendence System.

: : Cases handled:
   (i)   Help Limo Cab to solve housekeeping in progress & hanging ugrade files their accounting system.
   (ii)  Reversing bank reconciliation.

: : This Wednesday, Internship supervisor will be visiting Wani & me for evaluation purposes, so, both of us
    busy preparing a simple slide show to be presented to her that consists of our job specification and 
    introduction of products & services offered by PC Mart Sdn. Bhd. & Agile Solution.

21th Dec 2010
: : Sabri Ahmad & Co. want to sign up for support. They require the invoice to be fax. And I already set an
   appoinment for them this Thursday (23rd Dec 2010) for on-site support.
: : I have edited the picture of PC Mart staff & send it to Mr. Goh & Shah just for memories.  ^_^
   Love the picture..  =))
: : Faxing a quotation for Miss Poon but I'm not sure why her fax machine is very busy..  @_@
   Tried so many times, still busy. I forgot to take her e-mail address as back-up. Huhuhu...
: : Zhong taught me how to detect license for 9.4 version.  =D

22th Dec 2010
: : Got a call from Golden Kite Destination Sdn. Bhd. asking me to guide her using Accounting software
    but I not so good in Accounting.. huhu.. so I just pass it to Zhong. 
: : Today, our supervisor, Mr.Goh, Wani & me had a little discussion regarding our job specs for the last 
    7 weeks here. Then, we presented the slide show in Agile Solution because they have a special room 
    there for training purposes. 
: : So, nervous... Can't help it! Aiyooo... But, our supervisor is very cool, like3x..  ; D

23rd Dec 2010
: : Got a few tough cases.. fuhh! :
   (i)  Inventory 9.3: Cannot print & preview the report  (Kinetik Chemicals Sdn. Bhd.)
   (ii)  Data corrupted  (Pantai Baru Holdings)
   (iii) Inventory 9.4: Excel application not found.  (Tass Sportex)
   (iv) Accounting 9.5: Table log_menu.dbf.   (Simson Trading)  
: : Faxing quotation & brochures for Miss Yen.
: : Returning Persatuan Franchaise Malaysia call regarding their Sage Cover renewal but no response. @_@

24th Dec 2010
: : Registering Fingertec in the Traffic Mania: VideoBot  (Very interesting software!)
: :  Picking up calls, solving 2 3 cases and attending a few enquiries regarding UBS softwares.

25th Dec 2010
: : Its CHRISTMAS DAY = PUBLIC HOLIDAY !!!!  Yiippeee !!!  =D

p/s: Supposed this week is the last week for Wani & me, its already 8 weeks you see.. 
      But, we decided to extend until the end of December 2010.. Feel attached to the family.. =)
      Just helping Mr.Goh with his marketing strategies & helping Zhong in the office.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

7th Week

13th Dec 2010
: : Mr. Goh wish me "Happy Birthday" !!  =)  Yesterday is my birthday actually.. (*wink)
: : Help Ace Auctions Group Sdn. Bhd. to install UBS into their PC via online.
: : Helping Mr. Goh to e-mail quotation of UBS Accounting (3 users) to a company (argghh.. can't recall!!)

14th Dec 2010
: : Today lots of customers request for UBS quotation via e-mail. I leave it to Mr.Goh because I don't have      
    the proper quotation. I only able to send the quotation via fax.
: : Get to know that ONLINE & TELEPHONE support for:
          Single User     : RM 300
          Multiple User : RM 500
: : Today, got a few cases range from :
    (i)  Allowing bill to be exported from Inventory to Accounting.
    (ii) Changing employee number in Payroll System.
    (iii) Housekeeping in progress.

15th Dec 2010
: : Continue promoting barcode scanner in
: : Help a customer find out UBS Dealer contact number in Kuantan.
: : Help a company; Sydney & Co. solving their problem; housekeeping in progress.
: : Help Irene to calculate all the bills & expenses (its already year-end, you see.. )

16th Dec 2010
: : Set appoinment for Mara Incorporated.
: : Helped Mr. Ravi from Edot to activate their Accounting software.
: : Activate UBS Accounting 9.5 for JES Paints Enterprise.
: : Register UBS Accounting 9.5 for Partners Advantage Media Sdn Bhd.

17th Dec 2010
: : Remind Loh regarding his appoinment with Astana Setia.
: : Miss Salina from Sabri Ahmad & Co. wanted a technician to come over,so, I deal with Mr. Wong
   regarding that matter.
: : Help Miss Tonya Lee to activate her Accounting & Payroll softwares. Very nice lady.  =)

18th Dec 2010 (Saturday)
: : Internet down !! OMG
: : Its hard for PC Mart if the Internet is down because its business is based on the Internet.  
: : So, I just continue calculating receipts & bills for 2010 that Irene assigned me.