Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final Week In PC Mart Sdn. Bhd.

27th Dec 2010
: :  I'm on MEDICAL LEAVE due to health problems.. Huhuhu..  @_@
: : Its been ages since I had a fever.. Already inform Mr.Goh & Zhong about my absenteeism.

28th Dec 2010
: : Still not recover totally.. coughing endlessly.. shivering sometimes.. Thank Allah swt, it did not affect my 
   work so much. Huhu..  @_@
: : Register an account for Mara Incorporated and Sri Mawaddah in VTIGER and activate their 
    license online in license central.

29th Dec 2010
: : Confirm with Ace Sec Management regarding UBS dealer in Butterworth.
: : Spent plenty of my time today helping Miss Zarina from Ace Green Cemt regarding the UBS Accounting
: : Continue registering Fingertec in the VideoBot.
: : Uninstall UBS 9.4 & reinstall the latest version (9.5) for Ahawamas using Team Viewer. 
    Due to some problem, I will be continuing the activation process tomorrow.

30th Dec 2010
: : Set an appoinment for Inventory Demo for Staedler.
: : Got a case from Miss Banu from JMV The Meritz. She is very 'friendly'. hahaha...
    Thank God Zhong help me to guide her with her problems.
: : Got a tough case:  Bill cannot be exported from Inventory into Accounting. 
    Zhong take over the case because I have to finished the task given by Mr.Goh.

31st Dec 2010
: : Activate Payroll license for Y & Y Property Development Sdn. Bhd.
: : Today, Mr.Goh held a meeting but I'm not involved. Only permanent staff were involved.
: : Its my last day.. Kinda sad.. Today they all in the office. After office hours, Zhong & Shah invite me for
    dinner at the mamak shop nearby office.  =)

p/s: Its been so much fun, knowledgeable experience working in PC Mart. 
      Being in the working sector is very different. Only 10% of what I've learned in class were used.
      I've learned so many things, things that are not from the text book. There's a huge room for improvement!
      This final semester will be a turning point in my life for sure. Things will never be the same again!  =D