Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5th Week (Hectic Week!)

29th Nov 2010
: : I continue advertising Fingertec products under
: : Set appoinment for SK Interlink. They wanted to setup the Time Attendance System that 
    they bought from us.
: : Zhong taught me how to set closing date of an accounting period so that one could start accounting
    period according to his/her company.
: : Send UBS Softwares quotation to Miss Azlin from Sungei Wang office.
    I faced hard times searching for the office! Fuuhh! But somehow, I found it.  =)
: : Zhong (Lao Tse) & Shah taught me something new today. They taught me how to back up data
    in UBS 9.4 & 9.5.    TQ Lao Tse & Shah !!   ^_^  

30th Nov 2010
: : I check with HQ (a.k.a Sage Corporation) regarding SNO num. & activation code for HLM Wood 
   Sdn Bhd. It is neccessary so that they could activate their UBS Accounting softwares.
: : Sending quotations of UBS Accounting to several companies.
: : Solve Panda Travel problems whereby they wanted to change PC in order to access the UBS Accounting 
: : Solve "Corrupted File" problems faced by staff in Pantai Baru Holdings. I would have 2 thanx Zhong for
   that as he's the one who guide me.

1st Dec 2010
: : Help F1 Communication Sdn Bhd to reissue their Inventory & Accounting software license.
: : Consult with YDK Usahasama via e-mail regarding their expectations towards UBS Payroll 9.5.
: : Promoting Barcode Scanner in
: : Received PAY CHECK a.ka. ALLOWANCE from Mr Goh !!! Yiippee !  ^_^

2nd Dec 2010
: : Fax quotation to Senawang Land Sdn Bhd early in the morning.
: : Help a company: Abd Aziz, Chen & Co. to close their accounting period on June so that they could
   start a new one on July. Very friendly staff they have.  =))
: : Help a customer (can't remember from which company..) to insert new transaction into her accounting
   transaction. New stuff learned.  =)
: : Promote Fingertec in 
: : Answering customer's enquiry regarding a fingerprint model: Digital Personal UR U4000 USB.   
   Happen to be this particular model has 2 version: DP UR U4000 USB & DP UR U4000B USB.
   The one with B behind 4000 has higher DPI. Meaning to say higher sensitivity.

3rd Dec 2010
: : I ON-LEAVE today due to preparation for my sister's graduation day.

4th Dec 2010 
: : Since today we work half day, I got all the time I need to update Fingertec products in MyOLX.

p/s: Its been a really busy week for me with my sister's graduation around the corner. Fuhh !  @_@