Saturday, January 8, 2011

7th Week

13th Dec 2010
: : Mr. Goh wish me "Happy Birthday" !!  =)  Yesterday is my birthday actually.. (*wink)
: : Help Ace Auctions Group Sdn. Bhd. to install UBS into their PC via online.
: : Helping Mr. Goh to e-mail quotation of UBS Accounting (3 users) to a company (argghh.. can't recall!!)

14th Dec 2010
: : Today lots of customers request for UBS quotation via e-mail. I leave it to Mr.Goh because I don't have      
    the proper quotation. I only able to send the quotation via fax.
: : Get to know that ONLINE & TELEPHONE support for:
          Single User     : RM 300
          Multiple User : RM 500
: : Today, got a few cases range from :
    (i)  Allowing bill to be exported from Inventory to Accounting.
    (ii) Changing employee number in Payroll System.
    (iii) Housekeeping in progress.

15th Dec 2010
: : Continue promoting barcode scanner in
: : Help a customer find out UBS Dealer contact number in Kuantan.
: : Help a company; Sydney & Co. solving their problem; housekeeping in progress.
: : Help Irene to calculate all the bills & expenses (its already year-end, you see.. )

16th Dec 2010
: : Set appoinment for Mara Incorporated.
: : Helped Mr. Ravi from Edot to activate their Accounting software.
: : Activate UBS Accounting 9.5 for JES Paints Enterprise.
: : Register UBS Accounting 9.5 for Partners Advantage Media Sdn Bhd.

17th Dec 2010
: : Remind Loh regarding his appoinment with Astana Setia.
: : Miss Salina from Sabri Ahmad & Co. wanted a technician to come over,so, I deal with Mr. Wong
   regarding that matter.
: : Help Miss Tonya Lee to activate her Accounting & Payroll softwares. Very nice lady.  =)

18th Dec 2010 (Saturday)
: : Internet down !! OMG
: : Its hard for PC Mart if the Internet is down because its business is based on the Internet.  
: : So, I just continue calculating receipts & bills for 2010 that Irene assigned me.